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marijuana / марихуана
имя существительное
marijuana, marihuana, fu, pot, weed, ganja
имя существительное
cannabis, especially as smoked in cigarettes.
I believe that it should be another misdemeanor to smoke marijuana under the age of 21.
Two others pleaded not guilty to possession of four buckets of compressed marijuana .
So, with the facts in place, how can the government ignore them any longer and keep marijuana illegal?
There'd be no reason to abuse medical use of marijuana if the stuff was legalized.
One thing I do have against marijuana though is that if you smoke it habitually you become very, very boring!
You may have heard it called marijuana , weed or hash but it is still cannabis, a natural drug that comes from a plant.
The player skirts claims that he has had his own problems with cocaine and marijuana .
I truly believe this one and people should watch out for this when they smoke marijuana .
He was smoking some exceptionally strong marijuana , and appeared to be quite enlightened at times.
We know he smoked marijuana , but he's hardly an exemplar of the Ken Kesey LSD generation.
We were smoking marijuana for breakfast and that led to communication problems.