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marguerite / маргаритка
имя существительное
daisy, marguerite
Use upright perennials such as gerbera, golden marguerite , and snapdragon for exclamation points of color.
The parks superintendent began his job of supervising the distribution of hundreds of geraniums, ivy geraniums, marguerites , petunias, trailing lobelia, anthericum and salvia, a job which would be completed well before the festival.
Lavender, rosemary and thyme gathered in thick clumps under the windows, with poinsettias, passionflower, marigolds, marguerites and hollyhocks growing wild in the borders.
The strange flower is caused by a form of fasciation, a common condition that produces wide, flattened stems on a large range of plants including sedums, tomatoes and marguerites .
Curiously, two of the best space-fillers are Victorian favourites - marguerites and mallow, brought back into fashion due to the current demand for instant results.