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marginally / минимально, косвенно
indirectly, by implication, obliquely, marginally, intermediately, by interaction
to only a limited extent; slightly.
inflation is predicted to drop marginally
For the first quarter, both teams were all over the place, and for the last they were only marginally more composed.
Clinging to the idea of brainwashing is a coping strategy to make hate and death marginally more explicable.
They may be marginally different because they can still hold the traditional ideals.
It is for these actors alone that this film is even marginally entertaining.
Eleven tracks are marginally higher owing to their download popularity.
I felt marginally happier and less distracted by events beyond my control.
inflation is predicted to drop marginally
Their second-choice team would be only marginally weaker than their optimum selection.
he's marginally worse than he was
I've just spent three nights in such a monstrosity, holed up in a room only marginally larger than a shoebox.