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marginalize / не придавать особого значения
не придавать особого значения
treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant or peripheral.
attempting to marginalize those who disagree
This is hardly the first time that a major media network used its power to marginalize political beliefs that contradict those of its owners.
Soon after, though, the curtain will drop and the media will attempt to marginalize bloggers, hoping they will go away.
The effect of this was to marginalize all advocacy groups and interest groups that were not corporate.
Once again, it's about attempting to marginalize Christianity for political gain.
They will continue to treat Hong Kong as a marketplace - and seek to marginalize dissenters as troublemakers.
He concludes that the nature of this coverage serves to marginalize the groups and assert a greater level of social control over them.
Though there are attempts to marginalize us, our voices are still being heard.
attempting to marginalize those who disagree
So I definitely saw the attempts to marginalize me early on.
by removing religion from the public space, we marginalize it