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marginal / маргинальный, краевой, предельный
имя прилагательное
regional, marginal
marginal, ultimate, utmost, critical, overall, supreme
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or situated at the edge or margin of something.
marginal notes
имя существительное
a plant that grows in water adjacent to the edge of land.
However, an important difference is in the shape of the crescentic facets on the proximal edge of the marginals .
Though the use of the horse as a draught animal was spreading, this was of marginal importance.
People on $60,000 face an effective marginal taxation rate of around 90c in the dollar.
We got to get in the show, but I think if you start 23rd or 33rd, over 500 miles it's going to be very marginal difference.
But the crops promoted are often inappropriate, the lands used marginal and the returns diminishing.
You stood by me when I missed the first prize by a marginal difference of two marks, and you made me feel that I still had reasons to be proud of myself.
A poor man is driven on to marginal land; he is not suffered to live on good land at a low rent.
He now plans to vote Labour in the marginal seat of Battersea.
Everybody seems to think that progressive income tax is a good idea, with the marginal tax rate rising on higher incomes.
BC now has the second lowest top marginal personal income tax rate in Canada, and the fourth lowest general corporate income tax rate.
If its discovered that someone hid hot money - so there was no tax paid - the entire amount becomes subject to income tax at the marginal rate.