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margin / запас, край, прибыль
имя существительное
stock, reserve, margin, supply, supplies, stockpile
edge, region, end, margin, side, rim
profit, income, earnings, gain, return, margin
оставлять запас
делать заметки на полях
fringe, border, edge, enclose, welt, margin
имя существительное
the edge or border of something.
the eastern margin of the Indian Ocean
an amount by which a thing is won or falls short.
they won by a convincing 17-point margin
provide with an edge or border.
its leaves are margined with yellow
deposit an amount of money with a broker as security for (an account or transaction).
a margined transaction
It can fairly be said that those calls reveal that before the first margin call was made the plaintiff did not understand the risks of a margin account.
Yet the margin for error in this scenario is not infinite.
Most brokers ask for double the margin amount you deposit.
With the number of states within the margin for error, that three percent could matter.
At the end, in the margin , small red notations caught Mallory's eye.
So the cost of production & selling must be as low as possible because of the slim margin .
The Andes form a barrier to the eastern margin of the South Pacific anticyclone.
Now one thing that might work in his advantage in California is there's an even more lopsided margin on the Democratic side.
The children began in right earnest by first drawing a neat margin on the chart paper they were provided with.
From then on the publisher is also mentioned - usually in the form of a seal on the print margin .