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marcher / участник похода
имя существительное
участник похода
имя существительное
a person who marches, especially one taking part in a protest march.
Sections of the city centre were brought to a halt by marchers protesting against job losses and poor working conditions.
an inhabitant of a frontier or border district.
The marcher lords on the Welsh border were particularly powerful.
Mortimer was one of the most powerful marcher barons of Henry III's reign and preoccupied with resisting Welsh advance.
I wonder if maybe violence against a protest marcher might be one of the only effective ways to highlight the agenda of the protest concerned.
The marcher lords on the Welsh border were particularly powerful.
The initial incursions into Ireland had been by marcher knights and other freelances from south Wales hired by Diarmait MacMurchadha, the King of Leinster.
a marcher baron
Southern Wales came under the sway of the Anglo-Norman marcher lords, but the north was a different matter.
Despite Gerald of Wales's vaunting of the military skills of his marcher kinsfolk, the record suggests that the swords of the second group were just as sharp, and their eye for land and profit at least as keen.
Protesters in Parliament Square tried to break through police lines and join other marchers who had arrived in the area.
The marchers from Central Luzon will be joined by thousands of protesters from Manila and Southern Tagalog.
The government ordered soldiers to open fire on the marchers , killing 11 women protesters.