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marathon / марафон, марафонский бег
имя существительное
марафонский бег
marathon, marathon race
имя существительное
a long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 km).
She swapped track for road, became a marathon runner, ran three marathons and won the lot.
Of course, there was harm done in that twenty-four hour unicycling marathon that took him to the world record.
she's embarking on a marathon UK tour
The holiday season is merely your warm-up to that marathon known as tax season.
She just stared ahead and nodded a bit and laughed in that way you do when you've just run 21 miles of a marathon .
I was due to run the marathon the next day
Her tour of broadcasting studios last week was a self-advertising marathon .
Yet this woman managed to run not just any race, but the marathon , and won the gold.
The 2004 Grammy marathon is off to a good start with a wildly diverse pool of nominees.
marathon workdays
The training has in many ways been harder, if more varied, than for a marathon .