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marabou / марабу
имя существительное
marabou, adjutant-bird
имя существительное
a large African stork with a massive bill and large neck pouch, feeding mainly by scavenging.
The fish eagle and marabou stork are very common predators
Flies have two basic features, they are big and they move well in the water, being made with plenty of pulsing fibres such as rabbit, marabou and various synthetic fibres incorporating extra flash.
They'll be doing all the heavy lifting while I lie around on a chaise in marabou slippers sipping champagne, occasionally tossing out tipsy asides while trying not to slosh my drink.
Generally the marabou is too long for using in competitions so, once it is secure, pinch off the excess with your fingers.
This latest fly is based on an earlier marabou tailed damsel nymph that was weighted down with lead wire.
Don't worry, the next time we meet I'll be over my new book and into the marabou slippers.
If I start wearing stonewashed pedal pushers and marabou slippers could someone shoot me please?
Now take tying thread down to the bend and tie in marabou or arctic fox for the tail.
While it's debatable that the world needs more guys in marabou and satin, it's fine with Prudie… as is pretty much anything that doesn't cause you to be read your Miranda rights.
And we had him clothed in this ugly pink nightgown, this noxiously ratty looking dirty blonde wig, red marabou , and orange fuzzy slippers.
As I pulled it along in front of me, I could see how the marabou tail added life to the nymph.