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mar / повредить, портить, ударить
damage, hurt, injure, mar, bruise, nip
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, damage
slam, mar, ram, lash out, catch, bop
имя существительное
bruise, shiner, mar, extravasation
injury, bruise, contusion, mar
hindrance, noise, obstacle, impediment, nuisance, mar
impair the appearance of; disfigure.
no wrinkles marred her face
Her outfit seemed completely unscathed, however, without even a spec of dust to mar its pristine appearance.
It was towards the end of his stay, as he sat before the telephone or tapped on his cell-phone, that the first clouds appeared to mar his trip.
There were two distinctive scars on his face, but they did not did mar his appearance.
Tuesday's attempted group suicide appeared to mar the largely peaceful image of the sect's campaign.
A bitter expression crossed his features, causing angry wrinkles to mar his face.
Shia proponents of the elections will argue that while the process may be marred by violence, the process in the long term could end terrorism in Iraq.
Fresh calls are being made for council bosses to move Leeds Music Festival from Temple Newsam Park after violence marred this year's event.
There is to be a Fifa investigation into the scenes of violence that marred the end of the World Cup qualifying playoff game between Turkey and Switzerland.
He wore a dark green uniform that was pressed so not a single wrinkle marred the suit's perfection.
For many, the cameo was quite possibly the weakest guest appearance ever recorded, marring the entire middle of a potential classic.