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many-sided / многогранный, многосторонний
имя прилагательное
multi-faceted, polyhedral, versatile, many-sided
multilateral, versatile, multi-faceted, diversified, many-sided, all-around
имя прилагательное
having many sides or aspects.
the reasons for poor collaboration are complex and many-sided
Walking is a many-sided pleasure and essential for those who lead a sedentary life.
The causes, motives and preconditions of terrorist attacks are certainly many-sided .
Just as power was ubiquitous in society and repression many-sided , so the struggle against it would have to tackle it from all angles, including ecologism, regionalism, anti-racism, feminism, and the gay movement.
Today the world faces the many-sided challenge that a rapidly aging population presents.
Women were indispensable in this many-sided economic and social reconstruction.
But of course there are many other versions; one of the argument's chief features is its many-sided diversity.
It grew out of the relativism that was originally promoted as a means in the search for a many-sided truth.
But when you do that, it turns out to be a rich and many-sided thing.
In almost all national revolutions, the idea of freedom is many-sided .
The situation in war fluctuates, it is many-sided and contradictory; it blends together the essential and the superficial, the law-governed and the fortuitous, the old and the new.