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many / много, множество
many, much, lot, more, a lot of, a great deal
many, a lot of, a great deal, a quantity of, a world of, without number
имя прилагательное
many, most, numerous, various
many, most
имя существительное
most, majority, many, major, generality, better part
имя существительное
the majority of people.
music for the many
a large number of.
many people agreed with her
I can't believe you'd eat so many biscuits
there are only so many hours in the day
Most of the hard work was done by women, since many of the men had gone off to find employment.
These parties may win many of their votes on the race issue, but they win very few votes.
The council plans to bring in a private partner to run and manage many of its buildings.
there's too many of them
From the point of view of the individual, trial by jury is a good thing for many reasons.
This is an incredible case of where the needs of the many are trampled on for the needs of the one.
how many teachers are there?
It was a time when many of his old so-called friends had dropped him like a hot potato.