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manuscript / рукопись
имя существительное
manuscript, copy, matter
имя прилагательное
manuscript, cursive, chirographic
имя существительное
a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.
an illuminated manuscript
Works on political subjects tended towards the abstract, circulating only in manuscript .
You could offer to let them see the manuscript before it's published, if necessary.
If he did approach publishers with the manuscript , a lot of people could have tipped off the paper.
He considered sending a legal letter asking for his manuscript back.
preparing the final manuscript
Bits of the manuscript turned up in strange libraries, written in unlikely languages.
Yes, but the anthropologist had sold his manuscript to some publisher who had no notice of any of this.
An entire manuscript of Urdu written in Roman is a precious treasure of the Lahore Museum.
The spy writer falsely claimed he wrote the manuscript for the Enigma book.
Far from being unable to finish the book, he was on course to deliver the manuscript earlier than I expected.