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manure / навоз, удобрение
имя существительное
manure, dung, muck, droppings, ordure
fertilizer, manure, manuring, soil, enrichment, dressing
fertilize, nourish, manure, enrich, dung, dress
muck, manure, dress
имя существительное
animal dung used for fertilizing land.
Ancient farmers discovered that plant yield could be increased on a plot of land by spreading animal manure throughout.
apply manure to (land).
the ground should be well dug and manured
organic manure might be animal or vegetable derived
Pig and horse manure are just not rich enough for the roses.
Phosphorus is the critical nutrient, not nitrogen, in calculating the amount of crop land needed to spread a unit of manure .
There is absolutely no manure or animal products in my compost.
But a lot of community people are concerned with the effects of applying chicken manure to land.
Farmers commonly spread manure on their lands, a practice that often results in excess phosphorus being applied.
plenty of fully rotted horse manure can be dug in this fall
Of all the nutrients in manure and chemical fertilizer, only a portion is available to the plant.
Beware using manure from horses bedded on wood shavings - while the shavings will rot down eventually, it can take many months.
We spread manure on our land to help fertilize our crops without chemicals.