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manufacture / производство, изготовление, обработка
имя существительное
production, manufacture, manufacturing, making, make, fabrication
manufacture, production, making, fabrication, make
processing, treatment, handling, working, work, manufacture
wares, production, ware, produce, manufacture, manufactures
dressing, manufacture, quality, manufacturing, fabric, make
produce, manufacture, make, generate, effect, create
manufacture, fabricate
fabricate, manufacture, fake, trump up, cook, invent
manufacture, fabricate, dress, mill
process, treat, work, cultivate, work on, manufacture
имя существительное
the making of articles on a large scale using machinery.
the manufacture of armored vehicles
make (something) on a large scale using machinery.
a company that manufactured paint-by-number sets
invent or fabricate (evidence or a story).
the tabloid industry that manufactures epochal discoveries out of thin air
Germany used its rich iron and coal resources to develop heavy industry, such as iron and steel manufacture .
This was a well-planned crime and you acquired the equipment to manufacture counterfeit notes.
Much of that is down to a far-reaching strategic shift away from assembly and basic manufacture to an emphasis on support services.
Some fishes use mineral grains from the environment for this purpose, and a few taxa manufacture calcium phosphate otoliths.
Parts imported for the manufacture of textile machinery will also attract five per cent customs duty subject to end-use condition.
But in these days of Robots and Computer-aided manufacture rather than slave labour, it should be a whole lot more reliable.
They probably can't legislate manufacture , nor anything beyond the first sale after interstate or overseas goods movement.
The manufacture of metal plate armour involves a similar process and range of skills as that involved in the making of helmets.
The manufacture of the sphere needed sophisticated high technology forming and welding, technology not available in New Zealand.
Even then, Europe, and particularly Britain, did not have mass manufacture on the scale of the American model.