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mantle / мантия, покров, кожух
имя существительное
mantle, gown, robe, cloak, pallium, pall
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, mantle
housing, casing, cover, shell, case, mantle
blush, redden, flush, color, crimson, mantle
приливать к щекам
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, mantle
имя существительное
a loose sleeveless cloak or shawl, worn especially by women.
She clapped her little white hands for her attending eunuch, and let the flabby monster wrap her in her mantle .
an important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.
the second son has now assumed his father's mantle
the region of the earth's interior between the crust and the core, believed to consist of hot, dense silicate rocks (mainly peridotite).
Earthquake waves travel slowly through the hotter regions of the mantle and speed up in colder, denser areas.
clothe in or as if in a mantle; cloak or envelop.
heavy mists mantled the forested slopes
(of a bird of prey on the ground or on a perch) spread the wings and tail, especially so as to cover captured prey.
He lowered his arm slowly, cautiously, extending it well away from him, and the bird mantled as it shifted its weight to balance on his wrist.
she was wrapped tightly in her mantle
the second son has now assumed his father's mantle
There is enough filtered moonlight to reveal the tip of a glacier hanging like a tongue out of the mantle of clouds.
That's the way it had been for over four hundred years, the mantle passing from father to son, the reason lost somewhere in time.
And of course you're handing on the mantle to your son, are you not, so you're keeping it in the family.
So, I have taken on the mantle of cook, which is fine - I like cooking.
That will be a slower process: whoever picks up the mantle of Chinese leadership, he will not be a democrat, nor one reconciled to US domination.
There she very quickly adopted the mantle of the Queen Mum, the nation's favourite grandmother - and to hang with the cost.
It was intended that the mantle should fall on to a nephew who was brought into the firm just before the Second World War but he died in his early forties in 1959.
the second son has now assumed his father's mantle