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mantelpiece / камин, каминная полка, каминная доска
имя существительное
fireplace, chimney, fire, hearth, mantelpiece, grate
каминная полка
mantelpiece, mantel, mantelshelf
каминная доска
mantel, mantelpiece, chimney-piece
имя существительное
a structure of wood, marble, or stone above and around a fireplace.
The drawing room overlooks the front garden and features an original fireplace with a marble mantlepiece and cast iron inset.
The railings lined the tented wall behind the head table that was centered before a massive stone mantelpiece draped in tulips.
She glanced wistfully at the picture of Amber on the mantelpiece .
There was a shelf above the tiny fireplace, acting as a mantelpiece for the clock, which was one of those porcelain shells with a clock face as it's inner pattern.
The painting will now take pride of place above the mantelpiece in the common room at the centre.
Another of the pictures from the mantelpiece shows her during that period, sailing on a gondola down the canals of Venice.
There is a cast iron fireplace with stained pine mantelpiece and oak floorboards.
Have some of its marvellous cubic-crystal structures on your mantelpiece !
Family mementos and photographs were carefully spaced along the mantelpiece above a gas fireplace.
As the mantelpiece and panelling indicate, their project is the improvement of a home: virtuous work serves domesticity, family values.
The mantelpiece was an intricate wood carving of vines and branches, almost like it was a living tree itself.