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mantel / каминная доска, каминная полка, облицовка камина
имя существительное
каминная доска
mantel, mantelpiece, chimney-piece
каминная полка
mantelpiece, mantel, mantelshelf
облицовка камина
mantel, mantelpiece
имя существительное
a mantelpiece or mantelshelf.
Grouped on window sills or mantels , in forcing jars of crystal, cobalt, amethyst or green-colored glass, hyacinths enhance the holiday mood.
Most of the people I work with haven't been nominated, don't have a statue on their mantel , and they're fine actors.
We've also given you the choice of two design options, a simpler mantel and one that's more elaborate.
Often this will be a painting or wall hanging that is placed on the wall just above the mantel, or even resting on the mantel .
People opt for one fairly lush plant and place it off-centre on their mantel , rather than filling a whole shelf with plants.
Indian slate makes this fireplace, with its hand-crafted mantel , a particularly inviting feature of the room.
Gwyneth placed it in a frame on the mantel in her room.
The fireplace has a mantel and hearth incorporating a copper insert and remote-control living flame gas fire.
Included in the show are table covers, needlework patterns, needle worked fire screens, valances for mantels and beds, needlework upholstery, and sewing tools.
In addition, the house features cast-concrete counters, sinks, wall tiles, mantels , windowsills, and patio tiles that Rosenblatt designed and cast on site.
The show (the first of five summer bazaars) also offers the opportunity to buy real art for barren walls and empty mantels .