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mansion / дворец, хоромы, большой особняк
имя существительное
palace, castle, mansion, chateau, mansion house
большой особняк
имя существительное
a large, impressive house.
Simple shotgun houses to magnificent mansions will be showcased in this exhibition detailing New Orlean's vivid architectural past.
It was used to send water from a spring near Haynes mansion into the roof of the building before it was dismantled and brought to Bedford.
It wasn't a mansion just a small house, Granny even said something about a pool.
By now, Michelle had miraculously gained entry and was driven to the front porch of the mansion .
The centre will be developed at Home Farm, next to St Ives mansion , and work is expected to begin in the next few weeks.
he built a mansion
The front door of the mansion slammed hard, hard enough to be heard through the entire building.
Developers have come under fire as it became clear that an empty Ulverston mansion has become a vandals' playground.
Maya's house was a mansion of sorts with a large garden sandwiched between the main iron gate and a porch that led to the door.
He lived up in the hills where the houses turned into mansions .
She happily green-lighted zoning changes to allow a few small cottages to be demolished and replaced by impressive mansions .