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manse / дом пастора, дом шотландского пастора
имя существительное
дом пастора
manse, parsonage
дом шотландского пастора
имя существительное
the house occupied by a minister of a Presbyterian church.
LMI properties are used for ministry purposes in a similar way that many churches or ministries would provide a manse for their ministers.
Over in the old manse in Tulsa, the reverend put on his Prince Albert frock coat and picked up his Bible.
Guthrie received him courteously in the manse , but made it clear that he did not submit to the sentence out of respect to the authority of the bishop who had imposed it.
I grew up in a manse - a house owned by the church, and when your dad's a minister, and advertised in the phone book as a minister, you're likely to get at least some crank calls.
And I had a wonderful conversation and a great visit with her at Friar Park, which is a magnificent Victorian manse that has incredible gardens.
Kirkland house, on the edge of the village of Fala in Midlothian, about 15 miles from Edinburgh, was built in the late 1700s as a manse .
Having rectified that, it's now firmly on my list of places I wouldn't mind living if a hitherto unsuspected wealthy great-aunt died and left me her musty manse .
In an attempt to make a series like The Real World out of the Osbournes, the family opened the doors of their swish Beverly Hills manse to an MTV camera crew over a four-month period last year.
It's life trapped in a country manse with a matriarch who's perpetually in manic mode.
Wine cellars aren't just for the rich anymore - and you don't need a naturally cool, humid stone room under the manse , either.
Sure Gaius allowed her the run of the manse and the property that surround it, but the nearby town was forbidden.