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manpower / рабочая сила, кадры, людские ресурсы
имя существительное
рабочая сила
labor force, manpower
personnel, staff, manpower
людские ресурсы
имя существительное
the number of people working or available for work or service.
the police had only limited manpower
Large farms may be efficient in terms of manpower but they are bad for the environment and animal welfare, he added.
Do you really think the police have the time and manpower to watch these tapes all the time?
With all resources and manpower being directed to the war effort, work was halted until after the war.
Not many in the force seem to be aware of the optimum use of available manpower .
If police can cut crime with their present manpower levels, imagine what they could achieve at full strength.
They didn't have the resources or manpower to enter second or third teams in each age division.
Food production had also to compete for manpower with the armed services.
Due to its limited budget and manpower , the record company did not want to do it either.
This competitive environment required coordination of manpower in heaving and hauling.
the police had only limited manpower