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manor / поместье, феодальное поместье
имя существительное
estate, manor, property, country seat, acre
феодальное поместье
manor, fief, feud, feoff, fee
имя существительное
a large country house with lands; the principal house of a landed estate.
Agecroft Hall, a Tudor manor house , was shipped to the United States piece by piece and now draws 20,000 visitors each year.
Bound to the land, they could not leave the manor without the lord's consent.
In 1449, she was expelled from the manor by Lord Moleyns's men, but not without a prodigious struggle.
Serfs worked the land and produced the goods that the lord and his manor needed.
the right to mine ores within the manor of Little Langdale
they were the undisputed rulers of their manor
a Tudor manor house in the English countryside
This appeared to carry water ducted from the hills north of the site, where North Farm now stands, to either the village or the manor house .
My room had been the parlor of an ancient manor house before the Occupation.
The manor house was sold to the Rutsons, a family of Liverpool merchants, in 1839, but they mainly lived elsewhere.
A manor house dating from before 1150 is Britain's oldest continually occupied house, it was claimed today.