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mannerism / маньеризм, манерность, манера
имя существительное
mannerism, affectation, airs and graces, preciosity, frippery
manner, style, way, fashion, mannerism, touch
имя существительное
a habitual gesture or way of speaking or behaving; an idiosyncrasy.
learning the great man's speeches and studying his mannerisms
excessive or self-conscious use of a distinctive style in art, literature, or music.
he seemed deliberately to be stripping his art of mannerism
a style of 16th-century Italian art preceding the Baroque, characterized by unusual effects of scale, lighting, and perspective, and the use of bright, often lurid colors. It is particularly associated with the work of Pontormo, Vasari,and the later Michelangelo.
Ideas from abroad - notably the playful distortions of Italian Mannerism - eventually crowd into the tradition established by Van Eyck, upsetting its careful measure.
It doesn't adhere - and barely refers - to any codified technique, thus dodging the trap of arty mannerism .
And what enhances the quality of the show is Jhansi's ease with dialects and mannerism .
In the early days John was routinely accused of glibness, superficiality, mannerism , of Pop-Art vacancy and amorality.
She treats the opportunity with diligence and skill and dresses it with just the right helping of mannerism that passes for great acting.
Apart from his own conscience, the writer will be curbed from falling into mannerism and affectation by the nature of his audience and, often, by the significance of what he has to say.
As Mitchell, he is all surface mannerism with no depth, an unconvincing Southern accent in a hat.
He seems thus to be further pressing the case for himself as experimentalist modern, while betraying some anxiety that his devices will be seen as mere mannerism .
Social services staff in Leicester added that he spoke with a soft Irish accent and may be noticeable because of his distinct mannerism of blinking excessively while talking.
He has been compared to the likes of Paul Newman, Harrison Ford and has been heralded as a timeless, classic leading man, without movie star mannerism .
He relies on voice and mannerism when impersonating Chris Eubank and Loyd Grossman, as well as old favourites Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali.