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mannered / манерный, вычурный
имя прилагательное
mannered, affected, ceremonious, high-toned, niminy-piminy, la-di-da
fussy, mannered, baroque, plateresque, rococo, arty-crafty
имя прилагательное
behaving in a specified way.
(of a writer, artist, or artistic style) marked by idiosyncratic mannerisms; artificial, stilted, and overelaborate in delivery.
inane dialogue and mannered acting
It is very mannered , very strange and very much an acquired taste.
His performance is so mannered and inhuman that it's almost easier to think he really is a vampire than to presume some actor dreamed it up.
At a time when radio comedy in Britain was often extremely mannered and driven by catchphrases, The Goon Show was a huge leap.
He gives a highly mannered performance, speaking more to the floor and back wall than out to the audience.
He had few later commissions of importance, and as his style became increasingly mannered even fewer were accepted on completion.
I wondered as I listened to the mannered and overwrought theatrical stuff why he hadn't put that in there instead.
He was to admit in later life that he had been somewhat mannered in his vocal style, at the expense of his physical presence.
There was neither method nor nearly enough madness in the mannered performances.
The result is a mannered , literary prose rooted firmly in the Gothic and decadent traditions.
There is a literary quality to The Cooler that does make it feel mannered and even theatrical at times.