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mannequin / манекен, манекенщица
имя существительное
dummy, mannequin, manikin, model, mannikin, layman
имя существительное
a dummy used to display clothes in a store window.
Once I was able to sift through, I found I was surrounded by mannequins displaying the newest Berliner collection.
Gerri pointed out a nice-looking book bag on the display window hanging from the shoulder of a mannequin .
They even drew lines on her wrists to make her look like a mannequin !
He's wrestling with a dismembered mannequin in the window and Sobieski hands him the mannequin 's arm, saying, ‘Need a hand?’
She is what is known in the fashion industry as a fit model or live mannequin .
Other mannequins display sportswear ideal for games and athletics, as well as for long treks in hilly areas.
Signs announcing ‘Special Sales’ were gone from shop windows - and there were two more mannequins than the day before.
There was moving art in the form of mannequins modeling Megan Waterman's fashion creations.
If actresses became mannequins, mannequins also became actresses who played new roles with each dress they modeled.
Display cases and mannequins are being constructed for permanent display of the outfits in the communities.
The mannequins stood in various poses, showing off the latest designs of the fashion world.