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manna / манна, манна небесная, манник
имя существительное
манна небесная
имя существительное
(in the Bible) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness (Exod. 16).
The Israelites feasted on manna in the wilderness.
How does this book explain the manna that the Jews collected every morning for 40 years in the desert?
For the British tabloids, it was manna from heaven.
I haven't seen the film, but it seems to be manna from heaven for the over-50 set.
The manna that succored the Israelites in the wilderness was gathered in baskets, which thus formed part of a divine act of national salvation.
a major aircraft accident is manna to lawyers
But when Daniels performed for the Armed Forces it was manna from heaven.
Rather, on Friday a double portion of manna fell which was to become the food for Shabbat.
The rainbow concluded the flood, the manna sustained Israel for forty years, and the worm bored through the stones used to build the Temple, so they would not be cut with a weapon that could make war.
Cans of soft drink and doughnuts will be manna from heaven for tennis fans queuing for tickets for Wimbledon tennis fortnight next week.
But this explanation is irreconcilable with the many distinctive aspects of manna recorded in the Bible.