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manly / мужественный, мужеподобный, отважный
имя прилагательное
manly, masculine, virile, spunky, fearless, manful
manlike, manly
brave, courageous, plucky, daring, intrepid, manly
имя прилагательное
having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength.
looking manly and capable in his tennis whites
Before she could even think, she was being lifted into the air by strong manly arms.
Boys thus engaged in simulated manly activities under the watchful maternal eye rather than in the traditional father/son apprenticeship role.
Many of your roles center on fairly macho characters - sort of grim, manly outsider types.
I will, however, be getting a large fireplace that I'll be able to chuck things into from the comfort of the sofa, an activity at least as manly as snooker.
Both the women and the foreman defended this practice because they said the work was heavier and therefore it was more manly work and should pay more.
But Chow has a strong, manly voice, and now that he's been given some English lines the audience can hear and appreciate that strong manliness.
I'm not considering the one sport which portrays itself as the most manly sport on the face of the earth.
He was thought of as a playboy whose main interests were dating beautiful women and engaging in manly sports like polo and competitive shooting.
No matter that his wife was pregnant, those simply were not manly tasks and no true man would perform them under any circumstances.
This is not an individual who is out there doing something strong or manly or anything of this type.