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manlike / мужской, мужеподобный, подобающий мужчине
имя прилагательное
male, masculine, men's, android, virile, manlike
manlike, manly
подобающий мужчине
имя прилагательное
resembling a human being.
a manlike creature
(of a woman) having an appearance or qualities associated with men.
My voice drops low, but not like low enough to be manlike .
In a village deep in the jungles of central Peru, and nowhere else, grows an orchid whose flesh is more manlike than most.
Homo erectus and Neanderthals were more manlike than apelike.
There they discover all they had hoped for and more - dinosaurs, a resident Indian tribe, and strange manlike apes who are the Indians' enemies - and they find themselves embroiled in a struggle for survival amongst the three groups.
The Bigfoot stories recounted in these books differ significantly from the usual ‘hairy, manlike being seen running through the woods ‘reports that sometimes pop up in newspapers.’
She reached up and allowed her dress to fall from her body immodestly to reveal a form at once that of a woman and a hideous manlike fish.
It is manlike and has a body covered with hair, a hairless face and hands, large jaws and an eyebrow ridge.
My voice drops low, but not like low enough to be manlike .
A man and his daughter were riding on a motorbike on a rural road, when a hairy manlike creature ran out of the woods, and stood about 75 feet in front of them.
A course exploring the notion of whether Bigfoot, or any other such bipedal, hairy, manlike monster might really exist can be an excellent opportunity to teach anthropology and critical thinking to students who are in desperate need of such instruction.
Do mysterious and presumably endangered manlike creatures inhabit swamplands of the southern United States?