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manitoba / манитоба
имя существительное
a province in central Canada, with a coastline on Hudson Bay; population 1,148,401 (2006); capital, Winnipeg. The area was part of Rupert's Land from 1670 until it was transferred to Canada by the Hudson's Bay Company and became a province in 1870.
If large contracts were to be awarded to large multi-national companies, Manitobans would lose spin-off benefits, he said.
All Manitobans , particularly those in life-threatening situations, deserve to have live-saving services close to home.
About 200 Manitobans have already participated in eight marathons and raised close to $1 million.
It is precisely in those school courses that we are laying the groundwork for a healthy, well rounded life-style for future Manitobans .
Winnipeg, to be sure, is the most obvious beneficiary but all Manitobans have a huge stake in a well-protected urban centre and provincial hub.