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manipulate / манипулировать, воздействовать, влиять
manipulate, move, play around
affect, manipulate, react, reverberate, take
influence, affect, act, manipulate, exert, weigh
manipulate, garble, play around
умело обращаться
handle or control (a tool, mechanism, etc.), typically in a skillful manner.
he manipulated the dials of the set
control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.
the masses were deceived and manipulated by a tiny group
The PC's ability to record, rip, store and manipulate audio and video makes it a great media server.
Being able to manipulate words didn't seem like such an evil gift though.
Physicians use their hands to diagnose injury and illness and manipulate the musculoskeletal system to encourage the body to heal.
This is a big plus for anyone wishing to manipulate documents without needing to have the creator application present.
This behavior becomes very dangerous when people rely on a computer to store and manipulate important data but fail to back up those data.
These programs enable you to manipulate text patches easily in all sorts of useful ways, and they have saved kernel developers many hours of tedious work.
She knows her best strength is the way she can control and manipulate men.
It requires a seasoned politician to take advantage of a no-win situation and manipulate circumstances to drive home a point.
Finally, I have extensive experience using computers to manage and manipulate images, including type.
With it they are able to manipulate objects as well as if they had hands.