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manioc / маниока, тапиока
имя существительное
cassava, manioc
tapioca, manioc
The agricultural products are sugar, rice, manioc , cocoa, vegetables, and bananas.
Behind every green hill there's another hill, with eucalyptus groves and banana trees and terraced fields of sweet potato and manioc and corn.
Plantains and manioc are important foods in much of the country, especially the north and the Mosquitia.
Another downside is the plant's relatively short growing season; manioc , peanuts, and potatoes, in contrast, provide cash flow throughout the year.
People farm corn, manioc , potatoes, beans, and rice for their personal use.
Staple foods, apart from sorghum and millet, are maize, manioc , potatoes, rice, sesame, and some bean species.
The most important Native American cultivars were maize, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and manioc or cassava.
Fried manioc was somewhat more dense than traditional French fries but almost identical in taste.
There are songs about fishing, planting, and how to use a hoe, paddle a canoe, or pound manioc with a giant mortar and pestle.
Banana plants are interspersed among the manioc , avoiding the monoculture typical of industrialized agriculture.