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manicurist / маникюрша
имя существительное
manicurist, manicure
имя существительное
a person who performs manicures professionally.
Younger women became clerks or office secretaries, while others worked as manicurists or hairdressers in beauty salons.
This film follows the life of Ray and Frenchy Winkler, an ex-con and a manicurist who live poorly but happily in Manhattan.
The Egyptian barber was also a manicurist , using a razor to trim the fingernails of clients.
Rachel is about 21 and is employed as a manicurist .
As a manicurist you will be part of the booming manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nail industry, with combined sales of more than three billion dollars a year.
In fact, in some states it takes more hours of training to become a hairdresser or a nail manicurist than it does to become a bounty hunter.
Nancy, the owner, and Loren, the manicurist , ushered Elisa to a lavender vinyl chair.
She cited a hair salon that decided to add a manicurist to the staff.
The manicurist was going to ask who Daryl was, but decided not to once she saw the stern look on Marie's face.
I asked the manicurist , who was smoking on the steps.
You cannot get your cuticles as neat as a manicurist can.