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maniac / маньяк
имя существительное
maniac, monomaniac, frenetic, phrenetic, energumen
имя прилагательное
manic, maniacal, maniac, frenetic, phrenetic
bonkers, mad, crazy, freak, hooked, maniac
имя существительное
a person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior, especially when violent and dangerous.
a homicidal maniac
forming nouns corresponding to words ending in -mania.
I know I am a paranoid, psychotic, evil maniac .
I just don't think at any stage they are going to be able to make a credible case that he is some sort of right-wing maniac .
Swinging around like a maniac would get me nowhere.
He is not a homicidal maniac , but a violent, evil man made even more so by his addiction to unnamed drugs.
I can almost see him, hunched over the drawing board, laughing like a maniac as each scene explodes into life before his eyes.
I don't endorse driving like a maniac , but yesterday I drove like one.
I arose from bed to see why Stan yelled like a maniac .
when he sits in front of a PlayStation he transforms into a karate-choppin' maniac
He was puffing slightly and grinning like a maniac .
I just laughed like a maniac , remembering previous events.