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manhood / мужественность, зрелость, возмужалость
имя существительное
masculinity, manhood, virility, manliness, machismo
maturity, adulthood, ripeness, manhood, matureness, mellowness
manhood, maturity, virility, matureness
зрелый возраст
adulthood, manhood
мужское население страны
имя существительное
the state or period of being a man rather than a child.
boys in the process of growing to manhood
the unity of Godhead and manhood in Christ
His early manhood was partly devoted to using the second to overcome the first.
Given the fact that manhood is associated with power, and being powerless is seen as unmanly, violence becomes a means to prove otherwise to others and oneself.
Did they think they were proving their manhood by doing this?
The court made every effort to actively link men to their sexual abilities by publicizing these proofs of manhood .
Germany had lost the best of her young manhood
Literature refutes both people who think gender should be abolished and people who have overly-narrow views of womanhood or manhood .
In the 1380s, as he grew to manhood , his influence on affairs gradually increased.
This was the passage to the second cycle of life, manhood .
we drank to prove our manhood