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manhattan / Манхеттен
имя существительное
имя существительное
a cocktail made of whiskey and vermouth, sometimes with a dash of bitters.
We get manhattans , Martinis, the odd margarita.
имя существительное
a commercial city in northeastern Kansas; population 52,284 (est. 2008).
an island near the mouth of the Hudson River that forms part of the city of New York. The site of the original Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, it is now a borough containing the commercial and cultural center of New York City.
Upstairs, a restaurant offers manhattans with organic meals and a coal fire warms your soul in the bar.
New Yorkers meet Californians and clash over Martinis and manhattans while the city view from here is as stunning as those hairstyles.
Opened in 1995, your castle is actually an American bar, specialising in Martinis and manhattans for a metropolitan crowd of Viennese elite.
I got into a screaming match with their CEO after a few too many manhattans .
We get manhattans , Martinis, the odd margarita.
Martinis and manhattans are as popular as ever.
Lie back on Persian cushions with Martinis or manhattans and take that magic carpet ride.
Relax on tan leather sofas drinking cosmopolitans and manhattans .