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manhandle / избивать, грубо обращаться, передвигать вручную
slay, beat up, rough up, manhandle, maul, clobber
грубо обращаться
manhandle, maul, pull about, kick around, kick about, punish
передвигать вручную
move (a heavy object) by hand with great effort.
seven guys had to manhandle the piano down the stairs
He and I manhandle his life-size plastic punching doll into the elevator.
With form filled in, you then have to manhandle your purchases onto a huge trolley, queue, pay for them, put them in your car, drive them home and assemble them yourself.
seven guys had to manhandle the piano down the stairs
Its ammunition is heavy and difficult to manhandle .
I recall having to manhandle a heavy garden statue of Hermes, cast in lead, which we had been asked to look after while the owners moved house.
men used to manhandle the piano down the stairs
She was just going to say she was manhandled by a porter with a penchant for egg sandwiches and, if that didn't work, threaten to have their royal appointment removed.
She said: ‘I saw some officers come out of the station manhandling Gavin and my husband.’
Medics manhandled him back to the beach, to await rescue by sea.
Collected from buckets at street corners, transferred to barrels, then shipped north, often to landing places where there was no harbour or beach, it was manhandled ashore from pitching boats.