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mange / чесотка, скабиес
имя существительное
scabies, itch, mange, scab, psora
scabies, scab, mange
имя существительное
a skin disease of mammals caused by parasitic mites and occasionally communicable to humans. It typically causes severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions.
Others are rather unpleasant parasites themselves, such as ticks, chiggers, and the skin mites that cause mange and scabies.
The animal was also emaciated but its main problem was mange , leaving much of its body hairless and covered in lesions, Ms Shields said.
This may already be seen with the steeply rising numbers of urban foxes, many of which now suffer from endemic mange .
Worse, some confined herds show horrific predisposition to mange , a disease rarely affecting free-ranging animals.
They're so plagued by lice, fleas, dander and mange that their coats are spotted with huge bald patches and pocked with weeping sores.
my dog has the mange
His fur all fell out and underneath he had dreadful mange .
These myths about mange reach gigantic proportions causing fear to strike in the hearts of dog owners.
foxes that get mange die in three or four months
So this indicates to me that when we come across a wombat with mange we must look at why it has the mange.
Fresh seeds - first ground or chewed, then mixed with lard - are applied as an ointment against itch and mange .