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maneuver / маневрировать, лавировать, проводить маневры
maneuver, shunt, fight, manoeuvre
maneuver, tack, beat, ply, board, claw
проводить маневры
maneuver, manoeuvre
имя существительное
maneuver, evolution, opening gambit, manoeuvre
intrigue, plot, cabal, scheme, maneuver, machination
имя прилагательное
maneuver, manoeuvre
имя существительное
a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care.
spectacular jumps and other daring maneuvers
a large-scale military exercise of troops, warships, and other forces.
the Russian vessel was on maneuvers
move skillfully or carefully.
the truck was unable to maneuver comfortably in the narrow street
carefully guide or manipulate (someone or something) in order to achieve an end.
they were maneuvering him into a betrayal of his countryman
Two separate people spilled beer on my head as they tried to maneuver around me, cursing me in the process for ruining a perfectly good pint.
Also, larger oars were heavy and clumsy to maneuver and required multiple oarsmen.
I had situated myself in the far corner of the classroom, a tactical maneuver on my part.
The next several weeks Landon's recovery progressed to the point where he had some movement in his arms and could maneuver in a wheelchair.
For example, blind people can maneuver through unfamiliar areas with the aid of seeing-eye dogs or canes.
the truck was unable to maneuver comfortably in the narrow street
It was crowded, and I had to maneuver around many people, but finally she led us into an empty corridor.
I may vote for him purely as a strategic maneuver .
Up until this point almost all swords were heavy and required more strength than skill to maneuver .
the economic policy provided no room for maneuver