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mane / грива
имя существительное
mane, crest
имя существительное
a growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or other animal.
Male lions develop thick woolly manes on the neck and shoulders, signifying maturity.
The former also has long hair on the back of its neck, in the same place as the mane of a horse but shorter.
The lions ranged from 1.7 to 18 years old, but age did not turn out to be a factor in mane length or density.
A braided band of leather lies across her forehead to hold back her white, thick mane .
With his flowing blond mane , he was a naturally flamboyant figure and he backed it up with his deeds on the pitch.
That lustrous mane of jet-black hair is steel-grey now, and swept back from his brow.
He had a thick mane of dark hair, usually slicked back but at times becomingly tousled.
Sweeping back his mane of greying hair, the former Boomtown Rats singer shook his head.
She sat at the desk next to Jacob, and pushed her mane of hair off to the side.
A lion with a majestic mane has long been a trophy coveted by big game hunters in Africa.
Deep down, I think most women have at some point yearned for a mane of long, blonde hair.