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mandolin / мандолина
имя существительное
mandolin, mandoline
имя существительное
a musical instrument resembling a lute, having paired metal strings plucked with a plectrum. It is played with a characteristic tremolo on long sustained notes.
Reading the literature, one can hear fiddles, wood flutes, bagpipes, guitar, mandolins and bodhráns.
At a table not too far from where Maria, Erik and company were sitting, four men stood up; one with a mandolin , two with violins, and one who would be singing.
It's got some double-bass, some mandolin , a steel-stringed acoustic guitar, a birdie chirping, and a little drummer boy towards the end.
I too was intrigued by their charisma and their willingness as a rock group to bring out two sets of bongos and a mandolin amidst their guitars and drums.
The two play all the instruments with a touch of help from John Rice of the Pine Valley Cosmonauts on mandolin and guitar.
Slice the aubergine lengthways as thinly as possible - a mandolin or Japanese slicer is the best implement to use.
In this symphony we were treated to the unusual - but enjoyable - sounds of mandolin and guitar.
Set against a backdrop of strings, the mandolin sounds completely beautiful, providing an enticing blend of sadness and hope all at the same time.
The Montrealer's solo work is acoustic guitar-based with support from bass, drums, mandolin , strings and spare harmonies.
Peel then slice the potatoes finely with a knife or a mandolin .
I would suggest you use a mandolin for even slices.