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mandatory / обязательный, принудительный, мандатный
имя прилагательное
mandatory, obligatory, compulsory, binding, bound, required
forced, mandatory, coercive, compulsory, positive, forcible
mandatory, credential
имя существительное
mandatory, mandatary
держатель мандата
mandatory, mandatary
representative, plenipotentiary, proxy, envoy, commissary, mandatory
имя прилагательное
required by law or rules; compulsory.
wearing helmets was made mandatory for cyclists
Smuts also found that the mandatory life sentence was inconsistent with an accused's right to a fair trial.
Because the plaintiff seeks a mandatory injunction, it must show its claim is almost certain to succeed.
In other jurisdictions the mandatory appointment of a corporate trustee, or its equivalent, is set out in the law.
If political participation is important, why not require mandatory voting, as in Australia or Belgium?
In some jurisdictions this is a mandatory sentence of death.
The mandatory terms of article 18 cannot therefore be given effect.
Murder entails a mandatory life sentence; manslaughter carries with it no minimum sentence.
Previously, a special permit was required if the mandatory workweek exceeded 48 hours.
The Slovakian bid seems to have the mandatory safety requirements covered, but not much more is explained.
That was particularly important where you had a mandatory penalty whether it's death of a life sentence.