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mandate / мандат, наказ
имя существительное
mandate, credential, warrant
имя существительное
an official order or commission to do something.
a mandate to seek the release of political prisoners
the authority to carry out a policy or course of action, regarded as given by the electorate to a candidate or party that is victorious in an election.
a sick leader living beyond his mandate
give (someone) authority to act in a certain way.
other colleges have mandated coed fraternities
assign (territory) under a mandate of the League of Nations.
mandated territories
In the states that began to mandate paternity leave, a slightly greater number of fathers utilized it.
If you have a friend or relative you completely trust, ask your bank to provide them with a third-party mandate .
The rebels haven't even got a mandate through an election.
Having made this judgment, the Security Council may then mandate the US and its allies to use force in order to remove him.
That's the kind of mandate election authorities need to do their job.
In carrying out its mandate , the Commission receives, analyses, and investigates individual petitions alleging violations of human rights.
He said he stressed to Mr Mandelson that a key issue for Ireland is the mandate given to the Commission by the EU member states in these negotiations.
he called an election to seek a mandate for his policies
In August 2002, he announced that he would not seek a fourth mandate , but would serve until 2004.
Hopkins said the election was a mandate from the voters.