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managerial / управленческий, административный, директорский
имя прилагательное
managerial, administrative
administrative, executive, managerial
directorial, managerial
имя прилагательное
relating to management or managers, especially of a company or similar organization.
I have a managerial role
We require leadership and we require people who understand the service and the managerial issues.
This will be the biggest test of the managerial team, but they have stood up to every test so far.
They cover some structural issues and some managerial issues and some process issues.
It is accepted fact that there are more men in higher managerial and executive positions than women.
Telfer often gives the impression of being a coach first and a managerial strategist second.
The entire, sorry saga of managerial incompetence stems from that single decision.
We put it to him that he has to deliver strategic executive managerial leadership.
It's understandable that the Government wants to salute their managerial success.
Does that speak volumes about the opposition, or is it a testimony to his own managerial skills?
It should also be remembered that this is only his first managerial job.