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manacle / наручники, оковы
имя существительное
handcuffs, manacle, manacles, bracelets, bracelet, ruffle
fetter, fetters, chain, shackle, bond, manacle
надевать наручники
handcuff, manacle
имя существительное
a metal band, chain, or shackle for fastening someone's hands or ankles.
the practice of keeping prisoners in manacles
fetter (a person or a part of the body) with manacles.
his hands were manacled behind his back
Her arms are cuffed behind her back, her legs manacled together, and both are connected with another chain.
He ignored warnings from friends and agreed to be chained and manacled in a room in his home.
Geoffrey Bellanger appeared next, holding matching pairs of manacles .
The prisoner flapped his manacled wrists, as if he were shooing pigeons away; his chains rattled musically.
I'd have him in manacles , suspended and pressed to the wall.
Their faces are hidden, they are wearing tall hats and are manacled and humiliated.
His ankles, as well, were tightly bound, although not manacled like his wrists.
In one a pair of manacles is prominently displayed.
I sensed that if his hands were manacled , it would destroy the fluency of his speech.
When Davies was subdued he was manacled hand and foot.