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mama / мама
имя существительное
mother, mom, mum, mama, mamma, mummy
имя существительное
one's mother (especially as a child's term).
come and meet Mama
a mature woman.
the ultimate tough blues mama
Ever homebound I dashed; I only wanted to hear the praise of my mama and papa.
the ultimate tough blues mama
I fought back the tears to be strong for my mama , but could barely hold it in.
She's not, you know, weaned from her mama yet, and she's not even eating food yet.
I thought it would make their mama happy, laying there beside of them, to watch us play.
When my mom died, I got my mama 's glasses, and they're very, very precious to me.
My mama died when I was born and my papa died a few years ago.
My papa was walking to the midwife to get my mama 's painkillers, because she was pregnant and was very sore.
She would be strong for her mama , and her papa, who stood unmoving now.
I decided to fix a big pot of my mama 's homemade kitchen sink soup.