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mam / мама
имя существительное
mother, mom, mum, mama, mamma, mam
имя существительное
one's mother.
it was better when Mam was alive
a term of respectful or polite address used for any woman.
“You all ride them horses down here?” “Yes, mam.”
I managed to say goodbye to mam and my siblings by making myself think of something else as we hugged, but my dad, to whom I was closest, locked himself in the bathroom.
The hardest task was to go to mam in her eighties and break the news.
Yes mam , they should be ready within 15 minutes.
OK, mam , I think the only person that can help you right now is your janitor, so try to reach him as fast as you can, OK?
‘No mam , we don't go giving out the addresses of our stars.’
“You all ride them horses down here?” “Yes, mam.”
my mam would have had a fit if I'd gone out dressed like that
I'm sorry mam , but pizza is all I'm able to afford at the moment.
Going to the Olympia theatre in Dublin with mam and dad was the best.
We are currently 18 hours away from their current position, mam .