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mallet / колотушка, деревянный молоток
имя существительное
beater, mallet, flapper
деревянный молоток
mallet, mace
имя существительное
a hammer with a large, usually wooden head, used especially for hitting a chisel.
Start your screw hole with an awl by tapping gently with a hammer or a soft-face mallet .
If bricks run slightly ahead of the pattern, use a rubber mallet to nudge them into place.
The axe can then be hammered in further with a wooden mallet .
This handy wooden mallet was made from some left-over scraps of oak that I had salvaged from a pallet.
Flatten a chicken breast to 1/4-inch thickness with a meat mallet .
One of the first lessons anyone gets is how to take hold of and swing a mallet .
On small farms this was done with a flail or wooden mallet and block.
Children were invited to have a go at making shapes using the tools of the wood carving trade - a mallet and chisel.
A wooden mallet was used to drive in the scallops without damaging the points.
The twelve-year-old called after them, as Craig waved at them with the croquet mallet .
If you can pedal and swing a mallet , you can play bike polo.