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mall / место для гулянья, тенистое место для гулянья, игра в шары
имя существительное
место для гулянья
mall, parade, promenade
тенистое место для гулянья
игра в шары
bowling, bowls, mall
имя существительное
a large building or series of connected buildings containing a variety of retail stores and typically also restaurants.
Once your store is in every mall , how do you get more growth - especially if the chain is narrowly focused to begin with?
a sheltered walk or promenade.
I figured we would be heading to a restaurant or the mall , but we were making our way to the quiet side of town.
We went to a little restaurant in the mall , and I tried sushi which was gross.
She felt a sense of accomplishment at the fact that she could pay her own bills while maintaining her own store in the mall .
Over the years, of course, as the machine has evolved from department store to mall , techniques have been even more refined.
I've seen logo look-alikes in some stores in my mall that are hard pressed to distinguish from the real thing.
The Regency area is undergoing a retail rush as developers move to build stores and restaurants north of the mall .
When you travel around the country you find the same stores in each mall .
It just so happened that FYE was one of my favorite stores in the mall .
The far end of the mall was in building works today, the stairs included.
I don't have to worry about someone from school finding out I worked at the mall in the CD store.