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malinger / симулировать болезнь, притворяться больным
симулировать болезнь
притворяться больным
sham illness, malinger
exaggerate or feign illness in order to escape duty or work.
Earlier this year a poll found that 40% of small businesses thought employees were malingering when they took sick leave.
Inasmuch as results are not intuitive, inconsistency from an individual's attempts to malinger can be detected easily.
Role-playing is not the same as faking or malingering .
Initially, we were dejected and nearly ‘bought’ his hard luck story; but a little questioning gave away his sheer malingering .
I can think of several options other than lying and malingering to explain the onset of hysterical symptoms and recovered memories.
But in the case of mental illness, people are inclined to shut their minds to it, or, even worse, accuse the sufferer of malingering .
Is Miss Mason suffering from Chronic Pain Disorder or is she malingering …?
However, recent research reported that we have become a nation of malingerers , with nearly six million of us too sick to work.
Evidence for this may prove difficult to find, and it remains impossible to exclude malingering as a potential cause.
Another woman, with early symptoms of Bubonic plague, was told she was malingering .
Other states, like New York, have created an entirely state-funded duplicate of welfare for the malingerers .