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malignancy / пагубность, злокачественность, зловредность
имя существительное
malignancy, malignity, disutility
malignancy, malignity
malignancy, malignity, maleficence
имя существительное
the state or presence of a malignant tumor; cancer.
after biopsy, evidence of malignancy was found
the quality of being malign or malevolent.
her eyes sparkled with renewed malignancy
Carcinoma of the larynx is a rare malignancy in the paediatric age group.
She has no evidence of malignancy , inflammatory disease, hemorrhage, or chronic infection.
I get angry, but I don't hate because hate causes malignancy in me, not the person I'm hating.
A child with this malignancy can present acutely with severe dyspnea and, occasionally, superior vena cava syndrome.
In these cases, the presence of distant metastasis was a clear sign of malignancy .
Presumptive diagnoses ranged from a malignant pleural tumor to malignancy occupying the complete lower lobe.
Cytoplasmic vacuolization in this setting should not be considered evidence of malignancy in men with gynecomastia.
after biopsy, evidence of malignancy was found
The most urgent diagnosis is retinoblastoma, a malignancy most likely arising from retinal germ cells.
Ewing's sarcoma is a childhood malignancy of bone and soft tissue.